Parts TD-109 to TD-114

TD-109 "Tool Box, Brass" (1:20.3&1:22.5 scale) "Metal type, medium sized for loco and tender" 1 per pkg 8.00
TD-110 "Arc Headlight, Brass" (1:20.3&1:22.5 scale) "Large C&S type, angled number boards on top" 1 per pkg 9.00
TD-111 "Handrails, Bracket Type, Brass" (1:20.3&1:22.5 scale) For larger engines 8 per pkg 7.50
TD-112 "Governor, Brass" "(1:24-1/2"" scale) Small" "Small size, for pump steam line, for use with TD-192" 1 per pkg 2.50
TD-113 "Stake Pockets, Brass" (1:20.3&1:22.5 scale) "For freight cars, single bolted type for gons, flats, ore cars" 12 pc set 8.00
TD-114 "End Railings, Brass" (1:20.3&1:22.5 scale) "For passenger cars and caboose, with ratchet and pawl sets (no wheels)" 4 pc set 24.00


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